Our cheese dairy

For more than 100 years we have been making soft cheeses according to a traditional savoir faire.

A history of family and
transmission since 1912

Our cheese dairy has been established in the heart of the Mayenne countryside in Martigné sur Mayenne since 1912. A succession of several families has contributed to the making of the famous Bons Mayennais Camembert. 


Today, our cheese dairy is still an independent family-run business. The company is managed by Catherine Drezen, who represents the 3rd generation at the helm of the company.

Histoire fromagerie
tradition vaubernier fromagerie
Histoire fromagerie

The secrets of good milk

If our cheeses are so appealing, it is also thanks to the quality of our milk, this raw material of excellence, which we collect daily from our 195 milk farmers in the Mayenne.

Vaches Mayenne

Our job... to make cheese !

The expertise of our cheesemakers together with our modern production facility enables us to preserve a traditional manufacturing process by combining authenticity and modernity.


Every day we make more than 100,000 cheeses. Manual turning of the cheeses, carried out during ripening, has been maintained to guarantee the quality of our products.

Zoom camembert

They support us


Europe and the Pays de la Loire region participate in the modernisation of our production unit.

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Our cheese dairy is one of the "France Relance" winners.

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