Our responsibilities

A responsible approach from the farm to the table.

To be economically responsible

The Vaubernier cheese dairy is a family business, independent and on a human scale. Our economic model allows self-sufficient decision making for strategic choices. We therefore attach more importance to the long-term sustainability of economic activity than to short-term profitability.


With respect, solidarity and involvement, every day we are committed to:

  • producing safe and quality products,
  • satisfying our customers and our consumers,
  • perfecting our manufacturing processes,
  • reducing the impact of our activities on the environment.

To develop safe, healthy
and quality products

Quality, safety and traceability

We attach the greatest importance to the selection of our raw materials and, to guarantee the quality of our products, we set ourselves high standards. As part of our HACCP approach, we implement nearly 500 daily tests on the milk, the environment (air, water, hand hygiene ...) and the cheeses, from milk collection, to finished products.


Our cheesemakers and their teams also ensure that our cheeses and butters comply with defined guidelines by organising daily tastings to validate their appearance, texture and flavour.

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Our accreditations

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Naturally engaged in organic farming since 2011.

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Our cheese dairy is certified at the highest level since 2010.

To forge respectful human relationships

At Vaubernier we pay special attention to the relationships we have with our employees, partners and consumers.

With our teams

Proximity and accompaniment

We have set up proximity management allowing each employee to give meaning to his/her work by becoming a responsible, involved and collective co-worker. This closeness between employees and management makes it possible to promote dialogue and support throughout their career.


We have also set up a long-standing, multi-purpose work organisation in the cheese dairy to fight against MSDs (Musculoskeletal Disorders).

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With our farmers

A story that has endured for generations

Our milk producers are close to the cheese dairy and we have been collecting from some farms for more than 50 years. This history and the closeness in the relationship are essential in getting to know each other and being able discuss the issues of dairy farming, the needs of the company and the prospects of the markets in complete transparency. Working closely together is essential to ensure quality milk. Our cheese dairy has also always been committed to a responsible milk price.

Relation entre éleveur et vaubernier

We have been partners with the Vaubernier cheese dairy for more than 20 years. When my wife and I made the choice to convert to organic milk production, we took time to reflect together about a solution to promote our local production. Thus was born the Petit BIO Bons Mayennais, the first organic camembert cheese.

With our customers and our consumers

Trust and loyalty

We have established relationships of trust with our customers who know the cheese dairy and its values. We regularly invite them to visit our facilities and meet our teams. We listen to them in order to provide solutions that meet their needs.


We are also proud to have consumers loyal to our products. This commitment, especially to the Bons Mayennais brand, is reflected in the undeniable success of our loyalty program.

Boutique Bons Mayennais

To reduce our impact on the environment

Because we are committed to protecting and preserving everything around us, daily we try to reduce our impact on the environment.

Preserve our resources

Water is a rare and precious resource. That's why since 2011, we have put in place an investment plan to optimise cleaning facilities in order to reduce our water consumption. Since 2011, we have saved more than 30,000 m3 of water.


Part of the recycled water is used for muck spreading in partnership with some of our milk producers.


Each year, we continue our efforts by investing in equipment that is more environmentally friendly.

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Give priority to short routes

If we collect our milk from close to the cheese dairy, it is also to control our carbon footprint better. This eco-responsible approach leads us to focus as much as possible on buying locally.


The result is that more than 98% of our ingredients are bought locally!

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Packaging and recycling

Because nothing is lost!

We collect, recycle and valorise all recyclable waste: plastic, paper, glass.

We are also committed to developing recyclable packaging in an eco-friendly approach:


  • all our wood packaging comes from sustainably managed forests
  • we indicate waste-sorting instructions on our packaging. For more information: www.quefairedemesdechets.fr
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