Our cheeses

Discover our range of cheeses. All our products are made in the respect of traditions.

Our soft ripened cheeses

In France, there are more than a thousand varieties of cheese, they all differ from each other by their shape, their texture and especially their taste.


Our speciality? Soft ripened cheeses. A simple but controlled manufacturing process allows our cheeses to ripen naturally once they have been moulded and drained. The result is a creamy texture when our cheeses mature.


Our cheeses are sprayed with Penicillium. This enables the growth of a fine, white bloomy rind during ripening. This bloomy rind serves to both protect the cheese and contribute to the development of its flavour. Soft ripened cheeses ripen from the outside towards the middle. This is particularly true in the case of our traditional lactic recipe: the softness appears gradually under the rind with the appearance of a chalky heart when the cheese is young.


All our cheeses are made in the heart of the Mayenne countryside in the small village of Martigne sur Mayenne.


Pasteurised milk | 150g or 250g

A jewel in French gastronomy, camembert is a soft ripened cheese with a bloomy rind, made exclusively from cow's milk. At Vaubernier we have been using traditional manufacturing methods since 1912, with milk collected from within a 40km radius of the cheese dairy.


Under its fine white rind, our generous camembert unveils a chalky heart with delicate milky aromas. Throughout ripening, its texture becomes creamier and its character asserts itself.


Our range

  • Authentic: 150g and 250g
  • Organic: 150g and 250g
  • Reduced salt (-30%): 250g
  • Light (11% fat in the finished product): 250g
Camembert Vaubernier
Petit camembert Vaubernier
Camembert bio Vaubernier
Petit camembert bio Vaubernier
Camembert réduit en sel Vaubernier
Le léger Vaubernier


Pasteurised milk | From 350g to 3kg

Nicknamed the king of cheeses because of its size, Brie is a cheese to share with the family or between friends! Our bries are made exclusively from pasteurised milk collected from close to the dairy, lactic and ripening cultures and a little salt.


Brie is characterised by its fine white rind, creamy texture and mild milky flavor.        


Our range

  • Authentic: 350g, 500g, 1kg and 3kg
  • Organic: 1kg
Brie Vaubernier
Petit brie Vaubernier
Brie export


Pasteurised milk | 350g

Often considered as the little brother of Brie, underneath its fine, white rind the coulommiers reveals a melting and creamy texture.


Our range

  • Authentic: 350g
  • Organic: 350g
Coulommiers Vaubernier

Cheeses for heating

Pasteurised milk | 200g

The Bons Mayennais cheeses for heating are suitable for baking and barbecuing. Flavoured manually, our recipe gives them a rich creamy texture under a fine rind. These cheeses can be shared as an appetizer or as a main meal accompanied by a salad or charcuterie.


Bons Mayennais cheeses for heating are available in plain flavour and also flavoured with pepper. A modern way to eat a traditional cheese.


Our range

  • Plain: 200g
Bons Mayennais à chauffer nature

The lingot

Pasteurised milk | 180g

The Bons Mayennais Lingot is born from the passion of our cheese makers. Rectangular in shape, it is a soft cheese with a melting texture and a strong character! Under its very fine amber rind, it reveals a unique typicity during its ripening.


The Bons Mayennais Lingot has earned the recognition of professionals by winning several awards at the Concours Général Agricole for its gustatory quality.

Le lingot Vaubernier

The carré

Pasteurised milk | 200g

Under its pure white rind, the Bons Mayennais Carré reveals a creamy texture and a mild milky taste. Ideal to share as a snack or an appetizer.

Le carré Vaubernier